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I love swimsuits and swimwear, in fact I love everything about swimming, fashion, beaches, sexy bikinis and most importantly finding the right swimwear to show off your curves and feel confident in a swimsuit. I love the entire topic so much, I decided to dedicate a website to it. It’s so important to feel good about your body when you’re walking around in public wearing almost nothing.

On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much to a swimsuit really, I mean it’s just a little bit of fabric that we hope will cover our best bits in the most flattering way and that will stay where we want it to in the pool or on the beach. For those paying attention to the industry, swimwear styles change every year and designers are creating swimsuits to cater for all of us.

The point is, when summer comes around and we are not looking or feeling like super models, we can either curl up in a ball and forget about the beach or find the perfect swimsuit for our body and get out there and enjoy ourselves. I personally choose to do the latter and with the right choice of swimwear it is actually easy and fun! Since I overcame my fear of finding the right designs and models and shapes for my cup size and bum, I am a different girl! I am so much more confident! I love the new me! I found the entire experience to be so liberating I would like to share it with everyone.

Your choice of swimsuit is a lot less about making a fashion statement and more about finding something that your body looks good in and doesn’t need a towel wrapped around your waist for you to feel ok with it. So many of us choose not to shop for swimwear every summer to avoid confronting our bodies and the agony of finding a design that suits us.

I’ve read and heard that California is the only place to find good swimwear and although California definitely has a lot of great new designs every year, there are thousands of places to find truly beautiful designs that fit your body type perfectly. When it comes to bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear designs, the one-size fits all concept is so out of fashion, we can now design our own shapes, cuts, designs, patterns and sizes. Ladies if you’re looking for the right swimwear for your body shape, body type, cup size, boobs and bums, then look no further! Welcome to my website, I am sure it will be a truly liberating experience to discover the perfect swimsuits to flatter your curves and enjoy your body.

This is not a gender specific site, there are more and more men looking for the latest beachwear and just like the ladies, men need just the right fit to put their bodies on display and strut their stuff in confidence. To the men reading this, feel at ease, this site is for you too.


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