Finding the right Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Plus-Sized Ladies

Basically Plus-Sized Ladies want it all! Your swimsuit needs to be sexy and practical. It’s going to need sturdy straps, a good bra, and coverage of your backside. You’re going to love anything that emphasizes your cleavage while concealing your thighs and perhaps a matching sarong. To complement your sexy curves you should lean towards one-pieces, typically a solid one-piece with some great detail. This should leave you in perfect shape to get out there and feel great!

Swimsuits for Small-Busted Ladies

If you’ve got small breasts then you are most probably always looking for suits that will build your bust and elongate your frame. You are ideally going to want something that plays up your bust line and makes your legs seem like they start at the sometimes referred to very high waist. This look is just so retro and fashionable. I bet you never would have expected this to look so good on you! Believe me, with all the right curves in all the right places, you are all set to get the heads turning for all the right reasons.

Swimsuits for Big-Chested Ladies

Just about all big chested ladies complain that finding bathing suits is so hard for them because their top half is much bigger than their bottom half. If this is you then I have the perfect solution for you! You need to go for the mix and match separate swimsuit combos, strategically placed embellishments, and occasionally you might need to get a custom one made. You are going to need to shop for swimsuits with structure so you can run around and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction or something popping out of place. There are great patterned minimizers that are both supportive and slimming with gathered fabric at the waist that gives a really flattering divide between chest and hips.

Swimsuits for Athletic Ladies

Athletic ladies with lots of fiber and those that are constantly pushing to stay lean and keep a toned figure can be great for some but most complain about having a small bust and hips and are always looking for styles that add femininity. You are going to need something that has a vertical axis top that balances your shoulders and a solid bottom that breaks up your torso. Just because you are toned it does not mean you can’t also look really feminine and sexy and find a combo that flatters your best bits.