Take the frustration out of buying a Swimsuit

So how do you take the frustration out of buying a swimsuit? If you are plus size, full-figure and hard-to-fit then you might want to try custom made swimsuits. Ladies that have a hard time finding a flattering bathing suit that fits properly, this option could just be the definitive solution for you! Custom swimsuits can be ordered in so many shapes, sizes, designs and every fabric color out there. This makes it a lot easier to get what’s best for your body shape.

Most custom swimwear can be ordered by the bra cup size. Some swimsuits can be designed for D and DD cups and others for F to KK cups and pretty much cover all the breast sizes for all you gorgeous ladies among us. Generally speaking, standard cups will fit A, B, and C cups. And the really cool part is that most standard cups will also have a hidden pocket in the bra lining so you can add a lift to raise things up a bit or a shaper to enhance the bust size. Ladies! Breath! Relax! Smile! You can custom make a swimsuit and custom fit a bathing suit to meet your body shapes and sizes!

Swimsuits are supposed to be fun and not frustrating! If you do it right you will find the swimsuit that really flatters your body and shows off your sexy body. The problem is that a lot of the time, ladies just don’t know where to find the right swimsuit for their particular body. The key is in finding the perfect top and the perfect bottom. Sometimes a solid on-piece is the best especially for the larger ladies among us, but this is a sexy look when done right. Gone are the days where we all have to look like super models, in fact the super model look itself is changing, adjusting back to reality a lot more. I mean we don’t all want to be skinny now do we?

There is nothing sexier than a confident lady in a swimsuit that shows off her best bits and flatters her curves and helps keep the less attractive areas under control or out of the limelight.

When we start considering factors like age, height, weight, top half and bottom half, toned or not toned, in shape or out of shape, over weight, under weight, Big-Chested Ladies, Athletic Ladies, Small-Busted Ladies and Plus-Sized Ladies then it becomes apparent that swimsuit and swimwear designers have a lot of variables to consider. There comes a point where designing a specific suite for a certain body type or size or shape becomes useless and ultimately ladies want the choice, so why not just give it them? Give ladies the power to design their own custom swimsuits from start to finish! This is a growing trend and there is a huge market for it. Ladies you now have the power to design your own swimsuit and take full control of the top half and bottom half and find the designs that suite your unique body and shape and leave you with a master piece that is completely unique and flattering for your beautiful body

Finding the right Swimsuit

Swimsuits for Plus-Sized Ladies

Basically Plus-Sized Ladies want it all! Your swimsuit needs to be sexy and practical. It’s going to need sturdy straps, a good bra, and coverage of your backside. You’re going to love anything that emphasizes your cleavage while concealing your thighs and perhaps a matching sarong. To complement your sexy curves you should lean towards one-pieces, typically a solid one-piece with some great detail. This should leave you in perfect shape to get out there and feel great!

Swimsuits for Small-Busted Ladies

If you’ve got small breasts then you are most probably always looking for suits that will build your bust and elongate your frame. You are ideally going to want something that plays up your bust line and makes your legs seem like they start at the sometimes referred to very high waist. This look is just so retro and fashionable. I bet you never would have expected this to look so good on you! Believe me, with all the right curves in all the right places, you are all set to get the heads turning for all the right reasons.

Swimsuits for Big-Chested Ladies

Just about all big chested ladies complain that finding bathing suits is so hard for them because their top half is much bigger than their bottom half. If this is you then I have the perfect solution for you! You need to go for the mix and match separate swimsuit combos, strategically placed embellishments, and occasionally you might need to get a custom one made. You are going to need to shop for swimsuits with structure so you can run around and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction or something popping out of place. There are great patterned minimizers that are both supportive and slimming with gathered fabric at the waist that gives a really flattering divide between chest and hips.

Swimsuits for Athletic Ladies

Athletic ladies with lots of fiber and those that are constantly pushing to stay lean and keep a toned figure can be great for some but most complain about having a small bust and hips and are always looking for styles that add femininity. You are going to need something that has a vertical axis top that balances your shoulders and a solid bottom that breaks up your torso. Just because you are toned it does not mean you can’t also look really feminine and sexy and find a combo that flatters your best bits.

Welcome to Swimsuits and Swimwear

I love swimsuits and swimwear, in fact I love everything about swimming, fashion, beaches, sexy bikinis and most importantly finding the right swimwear to show off your curves and feel confident in a swimsuit. I love the entire topic so much, I decided to dedicate a website to it. It’s so important to feel good about your body when you’re walking around in public wearing almost nothing.

On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much to a swimsuit really, I mean it’s just a little bit of fabric that we hope will cover our best bits in the most flattering way and that will stay where we want it to in the pool or on the beach. For those paying attention to the industry, swimwear styles change every year and designers are creating swimsuits to cater for all of us.

The point is, when summer comes around and we are not looking or feeling like super models, we can either curl up in a ball and forget about the beach or find the perfect swimsuit for our body and get out there and enjoy ourselves. I personally choose to do the latter and with the right choice of swimwear it is actually easy and fun! Since I overcame my fear of finding the right designs and models and shapes for my cup size and bum, I am a different girl! I am so much more confident! I love the new me! I found the entire experience to be so liberating I would like to share it with everyone.

Your choice of swimsuit is a lot less about making a fashion statement and more about finding something that your body looks good in and doesn’t need a towel wrapped around your waist for you to feel ok with it. So many of us choose not to shop for swimwear every summer to avoid confronting our bodies and the agony of finding a design that suits us.

I’ve read and heard that California is the only place to find good swimwear and although California definitely has a lot of great new designs every year, there are thousands of places to find truly beautiful designs that fit your body type perfectly. When it comes to bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear designs, the one-size fits all concept is so out of fashion, we can now design our own shapes, cuts, designs, patterns and sizes. Ladies if you’re looking for the right swimwear for your body shape, body type, cup size, boobs and bums, then look no further! Welcome to my website, I am sure it will be a truly liberating experience to discover the perfect swimsuits to flatter your curves and enjoy your body.

This is not a gender specific site, there are more and more men looking for the latest beachwear and just like the ladies, men need just the right fit to put their bodies on display and strut their stuff in confidence. To the men reading this, feel at ease, this site is for you too.